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Ready for the Challenge?

Gene Luen Young—author, two-time National Book Award Finalist and National Ambassador for Young People's Literature—invites you and your students to take the Reading Without Walls Challenge, a challenge encouraging readers to explore books of diverse voices, genres and formats.

The Reading Without Walls Challenge drives readers to expand their horizons by reading a book outside of their comfort zone:

1. A book about a character who doesn't look or live like the reader.
Diversity comes in many forms: race, religion, gender, geography, sexual orientation, class, ability and more.

2. A book about a topic the reader doesn't know very much about.
Whether it's a book on STEM, sports or history, readers don't have to be professionals to immerse themselves in a book on specific topic.

3. A book in a format that the reader doesn't normally read for fun.
Chapter books, picture books, poetry anthologies and graphic novels—there are a lot of ways to enjoy good stories.

Help your students explore diversity in reading and in the world: Take the Reading Without Walls Challenge! Learn how to implement the challenge in your program online at www.cbcbooks.org.

Photo courtesy of the Children's Book Council.