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School's Out, So Let the Learning Continue

On Tuesday, March 8, Gina Warner, President and CEO of the National AfterSchool Association, will host the panel discussion "School's Out, So Let the Learning Continue" at SXSWedu in Austin, Texas.

SXSWedu provides a platform from which members of the education community can share innovative learning techniques and practices. This particular workshop will highlight the learning that takes place during afterschool programs.

The panelists, including Anthony Bowswell, EVP/COO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware, Inc., Debbi Jarvis, VP Corporate Citizenship and Social Responsibility for Pepco Holdings, Inc., and Dr. Cindy Moss, Senior Director of Global STEM Initiatives at Discovery Education, know classrooms are not the only place to learn. In fact, afterschool programs are more powerful than ever. These programs provide key opportunities to engage children in STEM related learning, the arts and more. The panelists will cover the myriad opportunities delivered to afterschool program attendees.

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Photo courtesy of SXSWedu.