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Check out the latest news about NAA and special announcements pertinent to the field of afterschool.

Your NAA Board of Directors

The NAA board of directors welcomes new faces into leadership roles:

  • Shelley Lambert, Chair
  • Gretchen Yeager, Vice Chair and Treasurer
  • Jaime Garcia, Secretary

Newly elected to the board are Tracey Lay and Derryck Fletcher.

Tracey Lay is currently director of school-age programs and development services at Education Connection, with more than 26 years of experience in the field on local, regional, state, and national levels.

"I strongly believe in the mission of the National AfterSchool Association. I have been a member of NAA since 1995, and have seen the organization grow and go through many transitions over the years. Being a relatively new field comparatively, we continue to grow and develop. We need to continue to professionalize our field, starting with the staff of the programs. Having the opportunity to come together and network and learn together strengthens us. NAA has been a key to making that happen on a national level. I have enjoyed my roles and gained so much from serving on local, regional, and state committees and boards, and would like to take my experiences to the national level by joining the NAA Board of Directors."
—Tracey Lay

Derryck Fletcher is currently the executive director at the Y of Central Maryland. Previously, he worked with the Franciscan Youth Center, first as community school coordinator, then director of programs and youth development, and finally as executive director. Derryck received the Governor's Citation for Youth Leadership for his work Essex-White Marsh-Middle River Chamber of Commerce, and the Governor's Volunteer Service Certificate for his work with Maryland Youth Action Corps. Derryck currently serves on the board of Maryland Leadership Workshops, and SecurityPlus Federal Credit Union.

"Serving on the NAA board of directors yields an opportunity to lend strategic leadership to advancing the important work of this vocation while supporting the NAA staff in its goal of inspiring, connecting, and equipping at least 50,000 professionals who collectively will enrich the lives of more than one million young people over the next few years. As a stakeholder in NAA's community, I desire the opportunity to help shape the future of this valuable organization as a connection to the leaders of this work in the field." 
—Derryck Fletcher