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Three Steps Toward a Strong DEIA Strategy

Monday, 23 January 2023 09:10

There has been a clear need to expand and implement diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) strategies across workplace sectors since the continued, deep-seated racial disparities were painfully illuminated with injustices in 2020. Diversity spurs business discussion and creativity, helping organizations stay resilient through challenging internal and external times. Approaching organizational transformation with a DEIA-focused lens also widens employee and managerial perspectives, allowing people’s life experiences to be considered, which in turn enhances productivity and innovation. Getting into the DEIA space for an out-of-school time organization can seem daunting, but there are a few stepping stones that lead toward an impactful DEIA approach.

Rework your internal and external communications. Establish open and honest communication across the organization by explaining how DEIA will help the organization, each department in unique ways, and each individual in the respective role.

Take an analytical approach. This work is about identifying, removing, and preventing barriers to success. Collecting data helps you identify and develop best practices through research and application that you can then measure impact and demonstrate success.

Prepare to manage change. Change naturally occurs when new policies, practices, and procedures are implemented. To curtail negative impact, you need to be able to collaborate with others. Assess organizational readiness and frame new directions in understandable and inspiring terms focused on bringing together different ideas and experiences.

Implementing these competencies will help reduce the number of obstacles in your way on the DEIA path for your organization, but there are lots of other factors to consider when working on dismantling a likely longstanding system. Check out a few of our other articles that discuss DEI work.

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