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The Connection Between Improv & Confidence at Work

Monday, 09 January 2023 13:09

Does the thought of meeting new people, public speaking, or introducing yourself in a room full of strangers give you cold sweats and heart palpitations? These standard, professional job obligations can be an anxiety trigger for many, but the art of performing comedy without a script could help ease your nerves. Improv can increase creativity, well-being, and our ability to tolerate uncertainty in a few simple ways.

  1. Learn to roll with it.

Confidence comes from knowing you will be able to handle yourself in just about any situation, even when something unexpected arises. Practicing improv exercises can help you focus, listen, and use what’s coming up instead of fighting or ignoring it at the office. It can also serve as an important reminder that regardless of all your preparation, you can’t anticipate and script everything.

  1. Embrace saying ‘yes, and…’

Saying ‘no’ to new ideas is a standard, safe approach for many because we tend to be afraid of uncertainty. But saying ‘yes’ sets your partner up for success and builds a stronger understanding between you two whether on the stage or in the conference room. Adding ‘and’ to that approach gives us a moment to contribute something new from what someone else is offering.

  1. Prioritize being in the moment.

We are all guilty of wasting time thinking or worrying about past mistakes (or future ones). Improv classes help participants learn to be present for situations by listening and taking an interest in scene partners. When we allow ourselves to be wholly invested in what’s happening as it’s happening, our confidence increases in our performance and in our conversations.

If you’re looking to improve your confidence in your career, maybe consider improv classes for your next professional development journey. Not only will you be gaining self-assurance in your daily life, but you will also be investing in yourself and your abilities to handle curves and challenges.