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New Year’s Resolutions You Can Fulfill at Convention

Tuesday, 03 January 2023 11:21

3…2…1… Happy New Year! 2023 offers each of us a blank slate. It comes with brand-new opportunities to get our thoughts organized and our things right through dedication kick-started by resolutions. Setting New Year’s resolutions is a form of self-efficacy; “by virtue of aspiring to a goal and following through on it, I have a sense of control over what's happening in my life.” With the crisis of the pandemic behind us, and new normals before us, this year comes in with a reminder to carve out time just for you. In fewer than three months, you can knock out your most critical resolutions by attending the National AfterSchool Association’s 2023 Convention!

Unplug from Work
Take Some ‘Me’ Time
Learn Something New
Set Healthy Boundaries
Have More Compassion for Yourself
Advance Your Community’s Equity Efforts

Throughout the year, you’re plugged into your laptop for 8-10 hours a day and your phone for the rest of it bustling between emails, documents, and new project ideas with no real, intentional break planned or in sight. While giving yourself time to rest may seem like the most obvious way to resolve this exhaustion and bypass burnout, taking breaks is easier said than done for many. This New Year, NAA challenges you to set aside three days for some transformational recovery.

NAA23 is in Orlando, Florida from March 19 – March 22, 2023, but registration prices increase on January 14, 2023. Reserve your seat for the ultimate charging station today!