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Social and Emotional Learning Evaluation Rubric for Equity & Justice

Thursday, 06 October 2022 17:18

For the past two years, the National Urban League (NUL) has been working to change the conversation on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). They hosted a series of listening sessions with more than 50 parents, educators, community leaders, researchers, and others to gather feedback on SEL and other related approaches where people learn, grow, and develop in classrooms and across communities. With support from the Wallace Foundation, NUL worked with over 100 partners, including the Forum for Youth Investment, to co-create new tools that focus on the unique expertise and perspective of marginalized communities and those left out of the traditional education systems. These tools can be used to advance racial equity, justice, and empowerment.

One of the tools that came out of this work is the SEL Evaluation Rubric for Equity and Justice. By using this rubric, parents and youth can ask the key questions about approaches being considered for or already implemented in a child’s after-school program, summer camp, or classroom. Educators and youth development staff looking to choose or implement new, transformative SEL initiatives can also use these questions and examples to shape, evaluate, and modify their approaches.

The purpose of this rubric is to shed light on the sources of inequity that can infect SEL initiatives and to provide a tool that can be used to support efforts to create and sustain the thriving of youth.

Elements of the rubric include the sufficiency of resources, cultural orientation, and identity development. You can read more about the rubric and related resources here.