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Calling In a New Booklist

Wednesday, 03 August 2022 19:02

I recently got into an argument with a white cis male Linkedin business "influencer" about the booklist he released that, amongst the over 100 titles, included almost no women or BIPOC authors. Of course, his responses were defensive: "I read what comes across my desk." Agh.

I think it's time to publish and promote a new booklist - a collective, curated booklist from "the rest of us" so that this guy and others like him might have more representative titles make it across their desks.

To match the list he and others like him produce, I'd like to focus this list on books supporting running successful BUSINESSES and organizations, written by folks who are not well-represented in the canon (e.g., womxn, BIPOC, trans-identified authors, etc.). For example, some books that I would like to contribute to the list include: "Confessions from Your Token Black Colleague" by Talisa "Tali" Lavarry; "Erasing Institutional Bias" by Tiffany Jana and Ashley Diaz Mejias, and "Holding Change" by adrienne maree brown.

Thinking about books you've read, which ones:

  • Do you think anyone running an organization or business would benefit from reading? 
  • Have pushed your thinking? 
  • Have you inspired you? 
  • Do you gift to new managers or others?
  • Do you pull it off of the shelf and refer to it often? 
  • Do you find yourself quoting?

Complete this form by August 31 if you want to add a title (or two, three, or ten) to the list. Thank you in advance for making this happen! 

Once the list is collected, NAA will publish the list so we can all fill our bookshelves with new reads (and encourage our libraries to stock these, too!). I'll also post it on and share it with my mailing list and social media followers. 

And finally (or maybe first), I will send our list to that guy - I can't wait to email him!

Contributed by: Eva Jo Meyers, NAA Member