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We ❤️ Afterschool!

Thursday, 10 February 2022 09:20

Afterschool programs (and the professionals who run them) provide valuable opportunities and experiences, build skills and relationships, support kids, families, and communities. 

“I ❤️ afterschool and afterschool professionals because they play an integral role in creating experiences where kids learn how to contribute meaningfully, become part of a larger community, share citizenship and responsibilities, work as a team, and build trust, all skills that build thriving youth into thriving adults.” – Gina Warner, CEO

“I ❤️ afterschool because through these programs--when adults invest quality time in and provide compassion for young people--our youth rise to the challenge of making the world a better place for themselves and others.” – Heidi Ham, COO

“I ❤️ afterschool programs because they provide young people with unique and enriching opportunities. These opportunities are further elevated by the dedicated afterschool professionals that show up each day!” – Angelica Portillo, Director of Advocacy and Workforce Development

“Afterschool professionals are changing the communities they live in. They are passionate, dedicated educators who pour all of themselves into their programs. Afterschool programs provide a safe, supportive environment that allows youth to thrive. This is why I ❤️ afterschool and the incredible professionals in the field.” – Jessica Hay, Director of Communications and Member Engagement

These are just some of the reasons the NAA team ❤️ afterschool. Do you want to share your love of afterschool and the incredible professionals in the field? Join us April 25 – 29, 2022, for Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week.