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Word on the Street (Or In the Hallways)

Friday, 07 January 2022 13:10

The NAA Convention is all about the participants and their experience.

During Convention, people always come up to me and ask, "How's it going?" I always respond with, "Convention is for you, so you tell me." Here's a sampling of what I’ve heard over the years. The word on the street (or in the convention center hallways) is:

  • "Best sessions ever. I am inspired. You just changed my life!"
  • "You're making it happen—energizing the field to take a stand and make our voices heard."
  • "I matter. You matter. We matter. The NAA Convention has shown us how much we matter. When we understand how much we matter, we can change the world!"
  • "I've finally found my people! I've never felt this empowered and encouraged as an afterschool professional."
  • "There is nothing more inspiring than this group of smart and passionate professionals! I'm ready for work."

And one of my favorites:

  • "Cats don't square dance." (You had to be there!)

We know that the most important things to our Convention community are learning, sharing, and growing together. And of course, the location. So, for NAA22 we're planning:

  • Learning session formats of different lengths and intensity, and for a variety of professional levels.
  • Exciting general session performances that showcase members of our community and the power of afterschool professionals and give participants an opportunity to share their stories.
  • Community building events including state meet-ups, affinity group meet-ups, and theme-related activities.
  • A convenient and fun location!

We look forward to having you join us in unity, with community for opportunity, and adding your perspective to the word on the street. Register today!

Written by Heidi Ham, NAA's Vice President of Programs and Strategy.