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Your Influence Matters: Advice for Supporting Youth in Tumultuous Times

The violent breach of the US Capitol on January 6, in addition to the many number of other upsetting events that occurred in 2020, could leave youth—especially those who have experienced systemic inequity and marginalization—feeling dismayed, unsafe and targeted.

It is imperative that we, afterschool leaders and professionals, ensure youth feel they are in a safe and supportive learning environment, no matter if they're learning in-person or virtually.

The National Association of School Psychologists have offered tips and materials for educators looking to support youth during this tumultuous time.

  • Understand the effect of stressors and trauma on school functioning.
  • Equip staff to provide trauma-sensitive responses and supports.
  • Be sensitive to family stressors.
  • Identify children and youth who are at high risk and plan interventions.
  • Understand cultural views regarding mental health.
  • Engage and empower families.
  • Access community resources.
  • Stop any type of harassment or bullying immediately.
  • Focus on student strengths, and promote a sense of belonging.

Courtesy of NAA.