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BellXcel Affiliate SCRI to Focus on Making Evidence Actionable for Youth-Serving Organizations

National nonprofit BellXcel has launched the Sperling Center for Research and Innovation.

Named in honor of BellXcel's longtime board chair, Laurene Sperling, SCRI's mission is to elevate the quality and impact of youth-serving organizations by making evidence actionable.

Too often, the day-to-day tasks of planning and implementing programs prevent organizations from investigating, testing, and documenting what works. Organizational growth is stalled because of limited capacity and competing priorities. SCRI is determined to add the capacity needed to help partners put research into action.

It has a dual focus: Engaging in research studies and translating and elevating findings, and supporting partners as they implement evidence-based practices through focused consulting engagements.


"We're excited to launch SCRI and to lend partners the capacity they need to improve, grow, and innovate," said Brenda McLaughlin, SCRI Managing Partner and Chief Impact Officer at BellXcel. "We're looking forward to partnering with organizations across the youth development and education fields."

SCRI expands upon BellXcel's more than 25 years of implementation experience and innovation. For more information, please visit Sperling Center for Research and Innovation.