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Micro Credentials

STEM Micro Credentials and Badges

Ready to get credit for what you already know? Ready to get a fresh perspective on facilitating STEM learning? Ready to get ahead in your career? Then you are ready for micro-credentials!

NAA's OST STEM PD micro credentials recognize facilitators delivering the high-quality STEM programs that produce positive youth outcomes.

What is a Micro Credential?

A micro-credential is a short, competency-based recognition that allows afterschool professionals to demonstrate mastery in a particular area. NAA and its partners have created a national, research-based OST STEM PD and credentialing system just for afterschool professionals. Currently, there are 3 micro credentials to choose from.

Get Started with Micro Credentials

Register online at the Digital Promise Micro-Credential Marketplace. Then, select a micro credential and get started learning and sharing.

What Credentials are Available?

STEMLearningEnvironmentCreating informal STEM learning environments
The badge earner demonstrates they create effective informal STEM learning environments through organization, providing appropriate and appealing materials, and space utilization


STEMRelevanceEstablishing STEM identity and relevance
The badge earner demonstrates they provide opportunities for youth to establish STEM identity and relevance through diverse examples and discussions that connect the STEM activity with an idea, occurrence, phenomena, or experience in the youth’s personal lives, other subject areas, or community/careers.

STEMReflectionsFacilitating STEM reflections and connections
The badge earner demonstrates they engage youth in explicit reflection about their experiences during the STEM activity and about the STEM content they are learning by providing prompts and opportunities (discussion, writing, etc.) for reflection and by encouraging youth to explain their learning.

NAA's STEM credentialing system will eventually include 10 micro-credential badges. A facilitator earning all 10 micro-credentials will be eligible for a Comprehensive STEM Facilitation Digital Credential.

What are Digital Badges?

Once you earn a micro credential, you will be given a digital badge, which is a visual representation of your achievement. Many use the digital badge in their email signature, online bios and resumes.

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