Join the Invite-Only Leadership Track at NAA Convention 2020!

What's our role as leaders in elevating the field of afterschool as a profession, making it a profession that people acknowledge as important and want to be a part of?

Last year's NAA Convention special leadership sessions explored this question and energized participants to take action individually and as part of a national system.

This year, we'll explore the role of leaders and leadership development in mitigating the afterschool field's current workforce challenges.

Please join the invite-only leadership sessions at NAA Convention 2020, March 15-18 in Washington, DC, where we will:

  • Continue the dialogue; empowering leaders to create a culture change that builds the professionalization of the field.
  • Gain a broad understanding of the afterschool workforce, its opportunities and challenges.
  • Propose growing leadership capacity as one way to mitigate many workforce challenges.
  • Discuss efforts to build and support leadership pipelines in the afterschool profession.
  • Highlight the intersection of emotional intelligence and equity as a critical leadership lens that enhances the profession.
  • Generate a set of next steps that will enable us to build the leadership capacity that will move the profession forward.
  • Celebrate leaders in our field and the work we all do to support young people.

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Written by Jennifer Brady, CEO, Development Without Limits.