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What’s in Store for Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week 2021

Tuesday, 09 March 2021 10:38

Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week, taking place April 19-23, 2021, aims to recognize those who work with youth during out-of-school hours. The week is marked by celebrations to encourage people to thank afterschool professionals who make a difference in the lives of young people in their communities.

All About the Enneagram

Tuesday, 09 March 2021 10:35

Recently, NAA President Gina Warner hosted the first-ever Coaching Conversations and was joined by Enneagram Coach, Hillarie Kay.

Meet the Moment!

Tuesday, 09 February 2021 13:32

Have you heard about the new NAA Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)? Because we can’t gather in person at the NAA Convention, the new PLCs allow afterschool professionals and leaders to meet the moment by finding new ways to connect, learn and grow.

SEL Considerations and Implementation Strategies

Tuesday, 09 February 2021 13:30

Early Lessons from Schools and Out-of-School Time Programs Implementing Social and Emotional Learning, a report by the RAND Corporation, offers early lessons for schools and out-of-school-time programs on how to carry out high-quality social and emotional learning instruction.

Implementing and Advocating for High-Quality Experiences for All

Friday, 15 January 2021 11:40

It feels great to be right! We always knew investing time in our afterschool program youth contributed to their success. It may have looked like we were "hanging out" in the cafeteria or "playing" in the gym, yet we knew in our hearts there was value in the programs and the intentional ways we developed them.

How Cities Can Support Afterschool Learning Programs During COVID and Beyond

Tuesday, 12 January 2021 09:50

A recent article, shared by National League of Cities, highlighted how the pandemic has further shown how afterschool and summer learning programs not only provide enrichment but are also a lifeline for many youth and families.

Simple Strategies for Your Blended Meetings

Tuesday, 12 January 2021 09:48

In the past, it wasn't uncommon for those who couldn't attend a meeting in person to be given quick notes or a verbal overview after the fact. In retrospect after having adapted to hold meetings virtually over a long period of time during the pandemic, it's clear there haven't been consistent ways to fully support those unable to attend meeting in person.

5 Fun Ways to Upgrade Your Technology Toolbox Today

Tuesday, 12 January 2021 09:47

A daunting array of free digital tools are available to educators and afterschool professionals. To navigate these tools, those in the field could reflect on connecting their best practices to the most appropriate digital tools.

Drop the Ball

Tuesday, 08 December 2020 09:38

If someone throws you a ball, you'll probably catch it. You'll probably at least reach for it. Even if there's no real reason for you to, you probably will.

Making Learning and Development Opportunities an Intentional Priority

Tuesday, 08 December 2020 09:35

What if opportunities for children and young people's learning and development were a much higher priority in our country and communities? What if we were more intentional about how opportunities to learn and develop were offered and by whom?

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