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Afterschool and Summer Learning

The National League of Cities has announced a new set of tools to promote afterschool and summer learning.

The new three-brief Afterschool and Summer Learning: A City Strategy for series covers Workforce Development, College and Career Readiness, and Public Safety.

NLC President Mayor Stodola from Little Rock, Arkansas, has made "The Future of Work" his theme this year. His vision includes the important role that afterschool and summer programs play to prepare our future workforce. Please read the newest NLC blog to learn more and access the briefs. Spread the news to your colleagues and utilize these briefs with leaders in your networks. To find more information and share it via social media, follow @leagueofcities or @belashahspooner on Twitter.

Bela Shah Spooner, Manager, Expanded Learning for NCL, hopes this summary of data will be useful in helping city officials see that afterschool and summer learning programs are key strategies in addressing top-of-mind issues. The afterschool field is encouraged to use the data to open the door for conversations with mayors, city council members and others about how they can turn to afterschool and summer learning opportunities as important prevention and intervention strategies.

To request print materials for key meetings, please contact Bela Shah Spooner at spooner@nlc.org or 202.626.3057.