Executive Extra

Monthly content focused on leadership exclusively for the Executive members of NAA.

Finding Inspiration Outside of the Afterschool World

Our brains are wired for novelty. We know this because we are alerted each time a stimulus in our environment feels out of the ordinary.

This has always been a wonderful advantage, and an aspect of human brain development that our survival as a species depends on. It's time to change up the dull routine of incoming information that arrives via predictable, tedious, well-worn roadways.

Each issue of the monthly Executive Extra eNewsletter will include inspiration from outside of the afterschool world. This approach will encourage leaders to explore unique perspectives through articles, quotes, thoughts and reflections, with the goal of cultivating top leadership skills such as motivation, positivity, creativity and flexibility.

During the few minutes it takes you to read the content, we're hoping your brain will move away from direct learning, memorizing and problem solving—somewhat of a short brain break—that in the long run helps you to incubate and process information in a different way.

This month's inspiration comes from NAA President & CEO Gina Warner:

"Back in May, I thought that summer was going to be a great time for me to devote space to some big ideas that I've been thinking about for a while. A colleague even gave me this cool book to help me along! But, despite my best intentions, summer has turned into a lot of necessary (but not particularly creative) tasks. I came across this article and it really spoke to me—I'm committing to finding more creative time this Fall!"

Here's a reflection question for you. I've identified that I'd like more time in my life to be creative.

What would you like more of in your life? What is one step you can take this next week to move you closer to that?

Written by Heidi Ham, NAA's Vice President of Programs and Strategy.