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Why You Should 'Show the Salary'

Have you ever wondered how much money some of your colleagues in the field make, but then felt bad for even wondering such a thing? Well, there's nothing to feel bad about. Why? Oftentimes, salary secrecy is used to mask discriminatory practices and gaps in pay.

Show The Salary is an organization born out of frustration with the lack of action being taken to address pay gaps and inequity in the charity sector. Among their other work, Show the Salary approaches charities and other recruiters directly when roles are advertised without a salary to demonstrate why this is a discriminatory practice and ask them to #ShowTheSalary.

The organization offers eight reasons why it's worth it for organizations to Show the Salary when seeking candidates for job openings:

1. You'll stop perpetuating pay gaps and ensure everyone can access a fair wage.
2. You'll make it a fairer process.
3. You'll get more applicants.
4. You'll show you respect and value candidate's time.
5. You'll be living, not just writing about, your values.
6. You'll be letting staff see for themselves if they're being paid fairly or not.
7. You'll be joining a growing movement looking to make the sector a fairer and more equitable place.
8. Why wouldn't you?

Though there's more to be done to repair widespread inequities and gaps in pay, simply being transparent about salaries is a good starting point. Learn more about the statistics behind the eight reasons above by visiting Show The Salary.

Courtesy of NAA.