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The Science of Learning and Development in Afterschool Systems and Settings

Over time, there has been an increased value placed on supporting children and youth as a whole in out-of-school time settings, whether through research, policy, or practice.

The Science of Learning and Development in Afterschool Systems and Settings is a new brief from Building Quality in Afterschool at American Institutes for Research that describes the foundations of the Science of Learning and Development (SoLD) Alliance and explains how aspects of their current work align with afterschool systems and settings.

SoLD is a collaborative effort to combine findings from diverse areas of research, from neuroscience to human development, into an integrated science of learning and developmentā€”a body of work that can bolster the youth development field's efforts in afterschool systems and settings to ensure all young people have the opportunity to thrive.

Notable highlights from the brief:

  • Select findings from the SoLD efforts.
  • Three key takeaways from SoLD that are relevant and actionable for afterschool professionals.
  • Practical applications in afterschool systems and settings.

This brief is the beginning of an exciting conversation about the science of learning and development in afterschool. View it in its entirety at American Institutes for Research.

Photo courtesy of Allison Shelley/The Verbatim Agency for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action.