Are You NAA's Next New Board Member?

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The National AfterSchool Association (NAA), a professional membership organization governed by a Board of Directors, is seeking candidates to fill open board positions beginning July 2019. The primary focus of this year’s board applications is on leaders whose work and professional expertise can further the goals of NAA.

NAA Board Priorities

NAA is a membership association for professionals who work with and on behalf of children and youth during out-of-school hours. NAA’s mission is to promote development, provide education and encourage advocacy for the out-of-school-time community to further the afterschool profession.

The strategic work of NAA includes strengthening the afterschool profession by creating systems and providing resources to develop and recognize the competency of afterschool and youth development professionals and leaders. From the original program quality standards and accreditation system started in 1998, to the Core Knowledge and Competencies for Afterschool and Youth Development Professionals adopted in 2011, and the current work on the OST STEM PD & Recognition System, NAA has been a committed leader in developing the afterschool profession and the people that do this important work.

NAA demonstrates a strong commitment to a strategic plan, continuous improvement and further developing a strong organization committed to purpose, action, analysis, and feedback. NAA focuses on growing and creating leadership and professional development opportunities for its members and the afterschool field.

NAA’s work focuses on four key strategic areas:

1. Advocacy - acting as the voice of the profession - recognizing and promoting the important contribution of the profession and its professionals
2. Connection - creating community, networking, and knowledge exchange
3. Influence - creating, contributing to, and promoting industry standards
4. Professional Development - providing skills training, resources, and other opportunities

The National Board believes that all board members, present and future, must:

  • understand and value the vital role afterschool professionals and leaders play in the development of healthy young people;
  • advocate articulately for NAA, its vision, and the afterschool profession;
  • advance NAA’s mission, vision, and goals by extending personal and professional credibility, expertise, and leadership to the organization; and
  • think broadly and strategically about the role of afterschool and of NAA.

NAA Board Candidate Qualifications

NAA is committed to creating a diverse board of leaders from a broad spectrum of organizations and agencies. Appointed members are chosen by the Board to reflect a broad knowledge and awareness of the issues facing the Association. Candidates for election are chosen for their ability to objectively consider a variety of perspectives inherent in decisions affecting the Association's future, not to represent a group, region, or interest.


  • are selected based on their ability to demonstrate strong leadership, commitment, and connections to the field.
  • must be qualified to consider the perspectives, challenges, and choices inherent in the decisions affecting the Association's future.
  • are expected to possess a broad experience in non-profit association management, leadership skills, and expert knowledge of the field.
  • must be Executive members of NAA.

NAA's election process seeks to recruit and elect qualified leaders who will further our commitment to our mission and excellence in the afterschool profession. The Board is particularly interested in maintaining a diverse perspective and individuals who have influence within their professional circles.

These qualifications are designed to ensure that elected Board members are prepared to fulfill their designated responsibilities, including:

  • exercising fiduciary responsibilities and stewardship with regard to NAA's goals, policies, and allocation of resources;
  • contributing to a policy development that provides leadership for the Association with a focus on mission;
  • identifying and cultivating future association leaders; and
  • serving on committees and panels and being available for work with partner organizations.

In addition, NAA continues to seek applications from individuals who have a commitment to the afterschool profession and interest in serving on the national board. Candidates should:

  • have highly developed oral and written communication skills and be able to use or learn to use a variety of social media and work collaboration applications.
  • be a “big picture” individual with the ability to grasp the nature of governance and operations of a complex, multi-faceted, intermediary, national organization;
  • be a problem solver: adept at spotting issues, considering courses of action, developing a sense of pros and cons of various options, and reaching decisions;
  • be self-confident, yet collaborative in spirit;
  • be accustomed to dealing professionally with individuals of high achievement in a range of professions and activities;
  • be a self-starter. He or she should take the initiative when appropriate to make contributions to the Board and not always be in a passive mode; and
  • be committed to the board process, willing to attend and participate in meetings and conference calls.

NAA Board Time and Financial Commitments

Board members are both elected and appointed three-year terms. An additional (optional) three-year term is available to board members upon approval of the Board. In-person meetings are held prior to the NAA Annual Convention, with video or audio conference calls four to six times a year. Board business may be conducted by e-mail, shared drives, conference calls, or additional meetings. Most board members may also be asked to serve on a board committees or task forces. Board members are expected to support 100% board giving with a personal financial contribution. While board members do not receive compensation for their service, travel and other related expenses associated with Board service are reimbursed by NAA. In addition, candidates must be able to make the necessary commitment of time and other resources to serve effectively as a board member and to serve as effective representatives for the Association.

NAA Board Applications and Elections Process

Candidates interested in serving on the NAA National Board of Directors should use this planning document to answer the application questions. Candidates need a professional headshot, up-to-date resume, two references that support the application and record a short (less than two minutes) campaign video.

Interested candidates should submit the online application including a headshot, resume and video no later than May 19, 2019.

A board member committee will review applications to determine the eligibility of potential candidates. After candidates are identified and screened, the nominating committee recommends a slate of qualified candidates for approval by the full Board. Potential candidates will be contacted with their application status during the week of May 29, 2019. The election will be held between June 3 and 14, 2019. Current NAA Executive, Ambassador, and Advocate members are eligible to vote. The two candidates receiving the largest number of votes will be elected to the board and will begin their board service in July 2019.

Applications are now closed.