Board Elections

The NAA Board of Directors

The National AfterSchool Association is a professional membership association governed by a Board of Directors whose members are both elected and appointed for a three-year term. An additional (optional) three-year term is available to board members upon approval of the Board. NAA is committed to diverse leadership among its Board of Directors. Appointed members are chosen by the Board to reflect a broad knowledge and awareness of the issues facing the Association. Elected members are chosen for their ability to objectively consider a variety of perspectives inherent in decisions affecting the Association's future, not to represent a particular group, region, or interest. NAA's election process seeks to recruit and elect qualified leaders who will further our commitment to our mission and excellence in the afterschool profession.

NAA Board Priorities

  • NAA's mission is to be the voice of the afterschool profession dedicated to the development, education and care of children and youth during their out of school hours.
  • The core purpose of NAA is to serve the afterschool professional.
  • NAA demonstrates a strong commitment to a strategic plan, continuous improvement and further developing a strong organization committed to purpose, action, analysis, and feedback. NAA focuses on growing and creating leadership and professional development opportunities for its members.
  • NAA has a new strategic framework with four elements: (1) connecting to the field; (2) providing tools and training; (3) generating industry research; and (4) defining and promoting quality.

NAA Board Responsibilities

NAA board members are deeply committed to the organization's mission. They bring expertise in key areas and represent diverse perspectives. The NAA Board sets policies, establishes benchmarks to measure progress, and allocates resources. Board members act only in the best interests of the Association and must avoid conflicts of interest. They must act honestly, in good faith, and make informed decisions that further the objectives of the Association's mission. The Board exercises strategic leadership through its focus on policy, direction, and strategy.

NAA Board Time Commitments

Each board member is elected or appointed for a term of three years. Meetings of the full Board are typically held in person twice a year — 1) at the annual convention and 2) at a fall meeting/planning retreat. Other meetings are held via conference call. Attendance at all meetings is required unless prior authorization is granted from the Board Chair. Board members receive detailed agenda materials for study prior to each meeting. Board members serve on committees that may conduct business by e-mail, conference call, or additional meetings. Travel and other expenses associated with Board service are covered by NAA. The Board Chair, Vice-Chair/Treasurer, and Secretary constitute the Board's Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets as arranged before each Board meeting.

NAA Nominations and Elections Process

Executive members may be nominated— by self or by others--for available elected board positions in April each year. A Nominating Committee of existing board members reviews nominations during the month of May to determine potential candidates. After candidates are identified and screened, the nominating committee recommends a slate of qualified candidates for approval by the full Board. An election by current members (Executive, Ambassador and Associate) is conducted electronically in June. Newly-elected board members begin their terms in July.

NAA Board Candidate Qualifications

Candidates are selected based on their ability to demonstrate strong leadership, commitment, and contributions to the field. Candidates must uphold NAA's mission, goals, priorities, and code of ethics. Candidates must be qualified to consider the perspectives, challenges, and choices inherent in the decisions affecting the Association's future. Candidates are expected to possess a broad experience in non-profit association management, leadership skills, and expert knowledge of the field. In addition, candidates must be able to make the necessary commitment of time and other resources to serve effectively as a board member and to serve as effective representatives for the Association. Candidates for board positions must be Executive members of NAA.

These qualifications are designed to ensure that elected Board members are prepared to fulfill their designated responsibilities, including:

  • exercising fiduciary responsibilities and stewardship with regard to NAA's goals, policies, and allocation of resources;
  • contributing to a policy development that provides leadership for the Association with a focus on mission;
  • supporting NAA with a personal financial contribution;
  • identifying and cultivating future association leaders; and
  • serving on committees and panels and being available for work with partner organizations.

Video Candidate Statement

  • Video Candidate Statement Nominees are also required to provide a short (no more than 2 minutes) video that can be posted on the NAA website outlining their qualifications and interests in serving on the board. This video needs to be made available along with the competed nomination materials on May 22nd.