5 People to Meet: NAA Convention

We've been working hard to line up the best guests and presenters for the NAA Annual Convention in March 2016. Here's a sampling of who will be available to answer your questions and offer inspiration throughout your time in Orlando!

Daniel Hatcher – Consistently rated year after year as one of the top NAA presenters, Daniel is fun, creative and just plain awesome! Get ready to learn tons of great information and gain resources to help you get your kids (and staff!) on the road to better health and wellness!

Kendall Joyner – One of the newest members of the NAA Board, Kendall has a great background in the youth development field. He is putting that knowledge to work at Independent Sector, where he helps nonprofit organizations build better leaders and develop stronger programs. Find him to discuss what afterschool leaders need to know and what they should do!

Sharon Carie – As the leader of our Florida State Affiliate—the Florida Afterschool School Alliance—Sharon is THE person to know for all questions Florida and afterschool! She'll be happy to give you a Sunshine State welcome at the FASA booth in the Learning Expo!

Dan Levitt – One of our 2015 Next Generation award winners! What are some of the exciting experiences and ideas powering our field's emerging leaders? I'll bet Dan can give you some insight!

Heidi Ham – The real superhero who keeps NAA front-and-center in the minds of our members! Find Heidi to talk about how you can be more engaged as a member and boost your professional profile! She'll also be happy to share with you plans for the rebranded and re-launched "Core Knowledge and Competencies" materials that she's been hard at work developing.