NAA is pleased to offer the afterschool professional a wide range of tools and downloads designed to both grow your career and strengthen your program.

Are You Interested In Being a PD Provider for the NAAPCS?



Our Approach
To better meet the needs of our increasingly diverse populations of young people and afterschool professionals, NAA is encouraging professional development that focuses on building skills rather than seat-time. The NAA Professional Credentialing System (NAAPCS) is a competency-based system that enables individuals to demonstrate their learning by providing evidence and be recognized for the core skills that research shows matter.

The shift from seat time to competency-based professional learning allows individuals and organizations to focus on the discovery and application of new learning - building competencies - and not simply time spent. When individuals participate in your professional development, work with you to develop their skills, and are recognized through related micro-credentials, you know and can show the value of PD!

An Open Market
NAA acknowledges the breadth of PD available to professionals and the strength of organizations and individuals that provide professional development within the afterschool field. With that in mind, the NAAPCS design allows for multiple professional development providers to create and offer training supporting development of the research-based competencies recognized by the system. NAAPCS professional development is an open-market. Organizations and individuals can provide PD (or train trainers to provide PD) with content designed to support individuals or groups in applying for and achieving credentials through the system. The open-market encourages PD providers to leverage their strengths and to utilize delivery and pricing models that meet the unique needs of their market and organizational niches.