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AfterSchool of Thought

Welcome to the "AfterSchool of Thought," a blog series for those with products and offerings for afterschool programs and the professionals who work in the field.

What Makes a Good Digital Ad

We've all seen those ads while scrolling online that pull us in and makes us want to learn more.

We've also scrolled past hundreds of ads we don't consciously really see or pay attention to. There's an art and a formula when creating the perfect digital ad. Want to know the secret? Consider these five tips for the next time you want to attract the right audience and maximize your reach.

1. Define your goals.
This may seem obvious, but it's important to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve with your ad. Are you looking to get people to visit your website, establish your company's brand or get more social followers? The more specific you are with your goals, the easier it is to tailor your message.

2. Create something that is visually appealing.
Out of the dozens of ads that people see every day, what will set yours apart? Is it usage of bright colors and implementation of a unique logo? Maybe it's an image of a happy person that makes your audience want to feel the same way. It's up to you to get creative! But remember, less is more, when it comes to images. It is easier to focus on one person than a group when you are scrolling on the internet. Investing in good imagery and a professional designer is also a safe bet.

3. Keep it simple.
Nothing is worse than trying to read an ad that has small print and too much copy! You have under five seconds to capture your audience, so be sure your wording is short, sweet and straight to the point. What are the words that will capture the attention of your target audience? In the world of afterschool, think of how your offerings will 1)solve a problem 2)enrich their offerings or 3)enhance their knowledge and professional development. The main goal should be to get them to click. You can share all the good stuff on your landing page!

4. Intentional landing pages.
Now, think about where you want to take your audience when they click. Be intentional when it comes to where you direct your audience so they're able to click once and are taken to where they want to be. Many of NAA's clients also serve other audiences in education, which why I often encourage them to create a dedicated page specifically for the afterschool audience. That way they know right away that this is something for them.

5. Track the success of your ad.
Whether it's through online sales, leads from web forms, sales from phone calls, website visits or page views, it's important to measure the success of your ad. Doing this will help you narrow down what grabs the attention of your intended audience. At the very least, create a custom URL for optimal tracking.

NAA offers digital ad space in a variety of areas including the weekly eNews, web site, social media and more! If you're interested in targeting the afterschool market, please contact me to learn more.

JillHeadshotWritten by Jill Carroll, Marketing & Media Consultant, with The National AfterSchool Association. "AfterSchool of Thought" is a blog series with tips and advice on marketing to the afterschool community.

Have questions or seek assistance on how you can better promote your offerings to the afterschool market? Contact Jill at jill@serendipity-media.com or 866-252-7108.