NAA hosts a variety of events for the afterschool community, each designed to encourage networking, education, and advocacy for the field.

State Affiliate Events

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2020 Annual Conference - Arizona School's Out, Make it Count
October 17, 2020 | Phoenix, AZ | Virtual
At the 2020 School’s Out, Make It Count conference, you will:

  • Learn the newest activities, curriculum & strategies for afterschool, before school and summer youth programs!
  • Gain over 4 hours of professional development from your choice of over 80 workshops, covering topics such as STEM, Social & Emotional Development, Leadership, AzCASE 101 series and Quality Initiative Series, and more!
  • Network with over 1,000 Out-of-School Time Professionals from across Arizona!
  • Interact with dozens of exciting programs, services and products in our Exhibit Hall!

Leadership Intensive Retreats
When out-of-school time providers increase their skills and confidence as leaders, it benefits the young people they work with and their programs as a whole. CalSAC’s leadership and management training deepens the knowledge, skill and abilities of out-of-school time professionals, helping them lead and manage high-quality programs that bring out the best in the young people they serve.

Training: Onsite & Online
As Requested
CalSAC provides a diverse array of free and low-cost experiential, interactive training and learning opportunities that build the skills and confidence of youth development professionals at all levels, from line staff and practitioners to managers and program directors. From STEM to social and emotional learning to equity-based leadership, CalSAC has over 800 hours of curriculum available to meet a range of interests and needs. To get started, simply choose from an array of onsite or online training topics or programs and select your preferred date and time.

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Fun Fridays
Multiple Dates
TGIF! After school professionals will come together with context experts in a friendly and engaging conversation about one key area of after school program quality. Explore tools and strategies, try new activities and games, share ideas, and network with colleagues. Join us for Fun Fridays, and leave inspired and equipped to make your program shine!

Deep Dives
Multiple Dates
These intensive sessions blend fun, engaging content with a richer, more in-depth exploration of the most challenging issues facing after school program staff. Join us as we go deep, building reflective practice and making best practices and inspiring ideas into realistic, feasible changes to your programs. Build expertise and skill that will translate into improved outcomes for your children, your families, and your program.

2020 Tri-State After School Fall Conference
November 2020 | Virtual
A tri-state conference with the best from Connecticut, New Jersey & New York with both live and recorded sessions so folks can watch anytime.

Events coming soon!

Events coming soon!

Events coming soon!

Power Up Summit 2020
September 9-10, 2020 | Boise, ID
Our conference is for those who run programs or offer services that youth may access out-of-school: summer, afterschool, camps, or even online. Our theme this year is "EmPower Up!"

Homework Strategies in Action: Virtual and In-person
September 16, 2020 | Virtual
During this session, providers will learn new solutions to typical homework help barriers. The workshop will emphasize the importance of homework, along with tips and resources on homework assistance with the youth in your afterschool program. We will discuss creative ways to transform your homework time and space into a time for building independent learning skills and time management. We will also discuss making meaningful connections Fall 2020 Professional Development Opportunities 2 between in-school and out-of-school time, as well as the importance for having the appropriate supplies and resources on hand. Come prepared to ask questions and share your successes all while having fun during this interactive session!

The New Normal for Family Child Care: COVID-19 and Remote Learning EditionThe New Normal for Family Child Care: COVID-19 and Remote Learning Edition
September 16, 2020 | Virtual
Throughout the state, Family Childcare professionals face the reality as schools have closed due to the COVID, that school-age children are being cared for in their home longer than usual. A significant area of concern as we navigate the circumstances is how to proceed, given that the focus of learning has shifted from schools to homes. During this virtual session, participants will discuss practical ways to incorporate remote learning into their day (the new normal). Explore ways to organize your space and set up a schedule that supports children from birth to school-age.

Caring for Youth in Afterschool Programs during Covid-19: A new Discussion about Health and Safety
September 23, 2020 | Virtual
Covid-19 has changed every aspect of our day-to-day lives. Afterschool programs are no exception, especially as it relates to our health and safety. So how do we remain safe while safeguarding the health of the youth we work with? This training will give you updated guidance regarding:

  • Proper Methods of Sanitation
  • Proper and Frequent Handwashing
  • Communicable Diseases
  • Conducting Daily Health and Temperature checks
  • Immunizations
  • Policies and Procedures including Documentation
  • Facility Cleaning and Sanitation

The goals for the session is as follows:

  • Prevent potential exposure to COVID-19.
  • Identify COVID-19 symptoms along with other communicable diseases
  • Execute up to date Sanitation and Disinfecting Practices
  • Adapt and develop COVID-19 Health and Safety Policies and Procedures

IAN Professional Development Round Table Discussion
September 25, 2020 | Virtual
On Friday, September 25th at 10:00 the Illinois AfterSchool Network will be sponsoring a Professional Development Round Table Discussion with Thought Leaders in the field. The purpose is to inform after school professionals of the various training available throughout the state.

Developing a Social Emotional Learning Climate in our School Age Setting
September 29, 2020 | Virtual
When developing a SEL climate, all elements of the after school setting i.e. discipline, classroom management, schedule, etc. must reflect and uphold the skills and attitudes of social and emotional competence. Attendees will gain strategies on how to create safe spaces, learn creative check-ins, check-outs and participate in activities to encourage continued social and emotional learning through instruction.

Sharpening our Managerial and Supervisory Skills for Team Success! Are YOU Ready?
September 30, 2020 | Virtual
The transition to a Manager or Supervisor is a wonderful opportunity....but then what? Managers and Supervisors play a critical role in the successful management of the organization’s most valuable asset...its human capital. Being faced with significant decisions, increased responsibility, and challenging situations can make anyone question their ability to lead. This interactive training will provide useful and practical techniques to help Managers and Supervisors succeed, thrive, and grow. Participants will obtain the skills needed to:

  • Improve Managerial and Supervisory Skills
  • Set Expectations for Employees
  • Minimize Workplace Risks
  • Maximize Engagement & Productivity

Activities for Youth: Keeping it Safe, Healthy and Fun in a Time of Social Distancing
October 7, 2020 | Virtual
One thing that is constant in life is change. Programming for youth has definitely changed over the past year. As we look at youth programming as it is today - during COVID, how do we do it? During this training, strategies and activities will be shared on how to keep youth programs inviting and interesting in a time of social distancing.

Get With The Program! STEM Learning for ALL!
October 14, 2020 | Virtual
IAN is excited to introduce our wonderful new partnership with Texas Instruments to offer STEM programming to providers here in Illinois! Texas Instruments has a 75-year history of innovation with a strong commitment to education. Their corporate commitment to STEM education started with the company’s founders and remains stronger than ever today. Their belief in investing in education in order to fuel the talent base needed to continue advancing engineering innovation across the world. Their commitment to education is a strong part of their legacy, and remains one of our highest priorities.

Overwhelmed with requests to help students with STEM literacy? This session will take those who have never done coding and programming before through a simple approach to learning the foundations of all computer languages. These activities are steeped in math, science, and computer science concepts which will help youth realize the connection between what they are learning and how that intersects with STEM careers. But you don’t have to be an expert in any of these areas to have fun coding. Free resources using familiar technology will help you AND your youth Get With the Program!

All workshop participants will receive a 365 day subscription license of TI Nspire CX Premium Teacher Software to use to code and for use to explore what you have learned after the workshop!

Creating Virtual Safe Spaces that Foster SEL
October 21, 2020 | Virtual
During this interactive session, we will discuss creating safe spaces for both youth and staff both in-person and virtually that promote trust, transparency, collaboration, and empowerment; actively applying and exercising each area of Social and Emotional Competencies. During the interactive session, attendees will learn the following:

  • Creating norms
  • Identify expectations
  • Creating a vision in the after school setting
  • Restorative or positive behavioral management plans that are goal directed, and
  • Fostering SEL group exercises

Seasoned Leaders Training Series
Join us for a three-part series for seasoned leaders that will help you help your staff work together as an all-star team. The series will provide strategies, resources, and tools that you can use to (1) build a culture of trust and collaboration, (2) work with intergenerational staff, and (3) support change management in an ever-changing environment. At the end of each session, you will leave with strategies to test out with your team and we’ll begin the following session with a debrief and reflection period to share our experiences and learn from each other. Participants will also have the opportunity to share their experiences in an online group discussion between sessions.

Session 1: Effective Supervision: Building a Culture of Trust and Collaboration
November 4, 2020 | Virtual
In the first session of this three-part series, we will discuss the importance of trust and collaboration. We will highlight strategies, resources, and tools that you can use to help your staff work together as an effective team.

Session 2: Time for Teamwork: Working with Intergenerational Staff
November 10, 2020 | Virtual
The second session will build from our work in session one around building trust and collaboration. In this session, we will discuss the myths and truths about different generations, from millennials to boomers and in between. We will discuss the role of unconscious bias and share strategies you can use to facilitate communication among intergenerational staff teams.

Session 3: Change Management in an Ever-Changing Environment
November 18, 2020 | Virtual
In this final session, we will discuss how trust, collaboration, and strong staff relationships lay the foundation for effective change management in your program. Learn more about change management processes and tools that you can use as we navigate the ever-changing environment.

2021 IAN Spring Conference
March 27, 2021 | Bloomington, IL
The annual premiere conference for after school and youth development professionals representing all sectors of the field!

Regional Trainings
Dates and locations vary
Learn more about the different regional trainings offered.

Training Opportunities
Multiple Dates
IAN supports strong teams and programs by establishing standards and best practices, and offering tools for professional development with ways to measure success.

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Events coming soon!

Events coming soon!

Events coming soon!

2020 Michigan AfterSchool Association Professional Development Conference
October 11-13, 2020 | Virtual
The 2020 MAA Fall Conference will be offered in a virtual setting for the first time and offers the best opportunity to come together with your colleagues to receive timely updates on the hottest topics in the Out of School Time field. Although some of you have registered for the face to face conference, and we know that you have enjoyed coming and being part of the Out of School Time community, the MAA Board honestly believes that this will be the best way to offer the conference this year.

The Michigan Afterschool Association Conference is Michigan’s premier conference designed exclusively for afterschool and summer program providers which will bring together youth programs, schools, and community partners and provide them with the opportunity to connect, learn new ideas, access valuable resources, and transform learning beyond the school day for Michigan’s youth.

Summer Leadership Institute
July 30, 2020 | Virtual
Due to COVID-19, and the desire of leaders in our field to continue their professional connections and development, the Summer Leadership Institute will be taking place virtually this year.

This professional development event is designed especially for those that currently hold a leadership position (directors, supervisors, managers, assistant directors), those that aspire to a leadership position (teachers and other professionals), and those that support leaders and leadership (coaches, trainers and consultants) to examine and deepen their knowledge, skills and abilities in topics relevant to leadership.

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ND Out-of-School-Time Conference
June 29-30, 2021 | Fargo, ND
High-quality professional development for afterschool professionals throughout North Dakota. This 2-day learning opportunity is open to any teachers, program directors/coordinators, leaders and staff working in out-of-school time settings. Keynotes and a variety of breakout sessions will focus on coaching, quality, student engagement, program & staff management, STEAM, social emotional learning, 21CCLC and more.

OTAG Virtual Conference
August 11-12, 2020 | Virtual
The Ohio Afterschool Network, in partnership with the Educational Service Center (ESC) of Central Ohio, is proud to continue to carry on the tradition of this premiere professional development conference to help professionals and Out-of-School-Time programs get OFF TO A GREAT START!

Join the Conversation
Multiple dates
As we all face challenges and opportunities in light of new child care regulations, school district closures, and recommended social distancing, staying connected is more important than ever. Join the Ohio Afterschool Network in weekly calls with the Afterschool and Summer Learning field to share news, talk about ideas, hear advocacy updates and connect! Topics and dates listed here.

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Events coming soon!

Events coming soon!

Events coming soon!

2020 Annual Conference
October 8-10, 2020 | Brookings, SD
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Jump Start Virtual Afterschool Conference
October 16-23, 2020 | Virtual
UAN's Jump Start Afterschool Conference is a professional learning event for afterschool staff, educators, emerging leaders, and program administrators. Each year, attendees have opportunities to expand their knowledge of afterschool programming, network with others in the field, and learn new strategies to help improve outcomes for the youth they serve.

Vermont Afterschool Conference
November 6, 2020
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Roadmap to Resiliency in Out-of-School Time | VPOST Virtual 11th Annual Conference
October 13-15, 2020 | Virtual
Roadmap to Resiliency in Out-of-School Time was born from the context of 2020. It has been a year like no other, forcing us all to navigate a pandemic and the challenges that have come with it. Adding further complexity, we are in a pivotal moment in addressing individual and systemic racism. OST educators strive to meet the resulting needs of youth, the community, and themselves, in a fluid and unprecedented environment. Join us to connect and gain innovative strategies and insights to meet this challenge!

2020 Bridge Conference: The Seeds We Sow
October 27-30, 2020 | Virtual

These words represent the values we hope to bring forward and incorporate throughout the Bridge Conference experience. As the spaces in which we connect and collaborate began to shift for 2020, our Bridge Advisory Committee grounded ourselves in these values as we reimagined what Bridge could look like on a virtual platform.

WCCAA Annual Conference
February 17-19, 2021
Save the date for what will be another outstanding gathering of child care administrators, directors, owners and champions of the child care industry.

The Wyoming Nonprofit Conference
August 2021
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