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What’s New for NAA Convention 2020

Community Showcase

We have a brand-new type of session for NAA Convention 2020! 

The Community Showcase format is our version of TED talks. These brief 5-15 min prepared presentations will have a clear story arc, a compelling message and dynamic delivery and will be given from the main stage to our full audience of 2,000 participants during a general session. We’re seeking to highlight inspiration, takeaways, and innovations from our community. 

Submit a proposal to be a part of the first-ever Community Showcase: 

  • Create a compelling proposal that gives us a sense of your narrative style and key takeaways from your talk
  • Submit your proposal via our Presenter Portal  (Choose “Community Showcase” as your presentation format)
  • A pool of finalists will be determined in the CFP process
  • Finalists will be invited to submit a video pitch in November 
  • Community Showcase presentations will be chosen in December