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    Working with School Districts, Other Community Partners Working with School Districts, Other Community Partners

    Collaboration is the name of the game today! Working with school districts and other community organizations can produce great outcomes, especially for all the children involved.

    Unless you are one of the very lucky afterschool programs operating in your own space, collaboration for you most likely starts with the sharing of school buildings, recreation centers, churches, and other community spaces, each and every day. Just this act alone requires open lines of communication and active coordination. Even then, however, you may be faced with the rogue Girl Scout Troop showing up in the cafeteria at 4:30 to distribute their annual cookies—displacing your program for the rest of the afternoon. Oh, no! What to do?


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    Participation in Summer Learning Programs on Rise

    New research from the 2014 edition of "America After 3PM," the most comprehensive household survey of how students in America spend their afterschool hours, shows that summer learning programs are strongly supported by parents and that participation in summer learning programs is on the rise.